Make music, not trash!

All over the world humans leave their traces. Rubbish, litter and trash destroy the environment everywhere on the planet.

We want to make more than just watch.
We want to start to be creative and find new ideas how to re-use old material.

For this Gregor A. Mayrhofer created a concerto for
recycled percussion and symphonic orchestra 
dedicated to the young percussionist Vivi Vassileva

But its not only a concerto for big orchestras: Parts of the piece can be presented as solo pieces for example in schools or other education institutions. Like this we can start to inform our youngest about this urgent subject. We can show them how many solutions there are to re-use trash in a musical way and create our own recycling-orchestra …

Recycled Instruments

For this unusual composition we invented many new instruments out of
All these percussion instruments where built of:

recycled MATERIALtrashplastic bottlesglass bottlesplastic foilscrown capscorksplastic capsmetal potsfrying panscoffee capsulesradiator grillstooth picssaw bladespaper clipstin canslamp shadesbicycle valvesflower potsdust pans

Our instruments:

Plastic bottle – Marimba

A complete marimba built of lemonade and water bottles?

Just put an old bicycle valve into the cap, fill them up with air. The air pressure lets you tune them to whatever pitch you want.

Our stand is built of wooden boards and drain pipes.

Click on the play button to see in the video, how we built it…

Glass bottle – vibraphone

For a brighter sparkling sound, have a few more sparkling drinks…! Fill the bottles with water to tune them and hang them up in a row.

See here our “glass bottlophone” made out of water bottles, beer bottles, wine bottles, liquer bottles and some old flower pots.

Marmelade glass- Shaker

You’d like to have a “sticky groove”?

Just fill glass of marmelade or pickles with crown caps, paper clips or rice.

Using different filling materials and different sizes of glasses or alternatively plastic bottles, you will get a huge variety of wonderful
jam-glass-caxixis and recycling-shakers.

Coffee capsule – chimes

Enjoyed your morning coffee? 

Keep the empty coffee capsules for an extraordinary, recycled chimes. 

All you need is a needle, a thread and a sieve! 

If you are not a coffee lover, you can also use crown caps or plastic bottle caps to create your own chimes with a great rustling sound. 



Norwegisches Rundfunkorchester Oslo

Norwegian premiere

Percussion: Vivi Vassileva
Direction: Gregor A. Mayrhofer

08.+ 09.11.2023

Alte Oper Frankfurt
19:00 Uhr

Percussion: Vivi Vassileva
Direction: Krzysztof Urbanski

08.+ 10.03.2024

Kölner Philharmonie

Schul- und Familienkonzerte

Percussion: Vivi Vassileva
Direction: Ustina Dubitsky

28.+ 30.08.2024

Konzertsaal im Stadthaus

18:00 Uhr 

Percussion: Vivi Vassileva
Direction: Gregor A. Mayrhofer

Past Performances

04.02.2022 world premiere in Weikersheim with Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen
More concerts in Reutlingen, Coesfeld and Lahr

19.06.2022 English premiere with Britten Sinfonia at Aldeburgh Festival 
21.09.2022 Austrian premiere
with konsTellation plus at Klangspuren Schwaz Festival 
31.03.2023 Dutch premiere with Residentie Orkest in den Haag 
10.05.2023 Münchner Symphoniker at Prinzregententheater
09.09.2023 Dresden Philharmonie 

Britten Sinfonia 
Snape Maltings Concert Hall 19.06.2022 / Aldeburgh Music Festival 2022